not thinking
of what to say
drinking wine

music so intense
no pretence
the sadness

a cat in heat
calling out
for love

sipping wine
the world is so


i want to escape

from this cage of illusion

of expanding bars


thinking where to go

only makes it more spacious

there’s nowhere to run


so what do you do

when you find yourself longing

to go far away


take a whiff of sandalwood

and bless your skin

with the bliss of bombay



The Bardo Cafe

Seasons changing… spins my head

all these years living….like I’m dead

leaves falling like hair

my body cold

Snow…. like ashes…

forgetting… old

until remembered

again and again…

Channel #5 ,  Joy & Oud….

when we get to the bardo

there will be food !