I never know

what I’m gonna write

These words just come

Like they turned on the light

In darkness I am cool

No words are needed

Then they turn the damn light on

And something is kneaded

So I roll it around on my unfloured

Thing here

Sometimes it sticks or will bake a few days

Sometimes it burns or I’ll throw it away

Never do I know what’s next

Amazing I am never perplexed

I never did talk quite normal

I never did like talking formal

The world in my head is quite comfy

In chaos

I try to explain it but something is hiatus












my body heavy

like a mountain in love

the sweet smell of earth


my mothers voice

embedded in every cell

the buddha within


if you ignore her

she will find another way

she never gives up


learn how to listen

her voice is very subtle

until it’s not






when my love was pure

you came inside of me

but i didn’t know

it was you

your light

gave me buoyancy

but now

it’s slowly leaving me


like flat tires

on a truck