the gyms are closed

work is slow

he’s home more often

nowhere to go

he drives me crazy

his sloppy ways

he doesn’t wash his

stuff always

i tell him he has to

take a bath

he thinks i am

a bitch for that

he scares me when

he starts yelling

i’m already looking

for a different






it’s half past two

i’m still not tired

the crickets are chirping

the cat is pawing

my hand is numb

from holding the phone

i should just take my pills

so i can sleep

i think i’ll get up

and take a leak

then i’ll smoke a cigarette

and wait until

i can forget

as dreamtime takes me

on a trip

the cats meowing

to go outside

the pee is leaking from inside

i finely went

i feel much better

now i will post

my empty blather









one flick a day is all i can handle

i’m getting to be an expert fandal

so many flicks not worthy of watching

amazing how easy to get brainwashing

hollywoods job to entertain

is really to mush our little brain

easy it is to control the masses

when our eyes are glued

sitting on asses














my cat went outside

hunting for mice to bring me

as an offering


i open the door

stepping on the mouse that lay

on the altar floor


the mouse and it’s guts

bulging out for me to see

she really loves me


is this what the gods

expect to prove ourselves

sacrificial love