i love wild horses

i love wild hair

i love wild flowers

in my hair

i love wild sky

windy and cool

i love wild hearts

free and fool

wild is my nature

wild is free

black is my color

deep like the sea

deep is my love

deep is my soul

deep is the sky

above and below

wild and deep

wild and deep

when you get to the edge

take the leap




you like poetry that’s happy and gay

like watching a disney movie

with nothing to say

just be hypnotized by the mice as they play

cinderella stories not life-like decay

poetry that reeks of disaster

rips the mask off of your

pleasant white plaster




















i can’t wait to get drunk again

and write about my pathetically

sad gut wrenching lack of love life

when i had nothing else to give

i gave it all away…like a whore….

i guess i was expecting love in return…

they must have thought there was

an endless supply…they must have thought

i was some kind of goddess whore…

funny….but my love never died…

even when you tried to bury it…

i hope this heart made of blood clots

and broken arrows will someday

flow again

so i don’t wind up here roaming

around….like a pathetic sad ghost

writing sad pathetic poetry…












i lost my marbles

when i was young

they were very old


with swirls of glitter

found in an old house attic

in a drawstring pouch


now searching the internet

for my beautiful marbles

going crazy


just what i needed

another thing to grasp at

marbles should be lost











i remember us

making love like dogs in heat

in abandoned buildings


then you abandoned me

and your love came crashing down

brick by brick by brick


i stood there buried

in the dark waiting for you

but you never came


rising from the dead

drinking my blood to survive

i gave birth alone




























if i was younger

i would flirt with you all day

until sundown

but i am missing

a part of me that’s alive

killed by heartache

i don’t know how i even survive

this dead romantic

heart ripped out

replaced by a lotus flower

that grows in the dark