like a gypsy, my mind wanders…. stuck in ruts for most of my life……..

hating discipline, my mind has wandered like a wild horse…. unable to tame….

wearing out now, searching for peace ….a release…..a transformation….

like a butterfly…..dancing in the wind…..

drunk on wildflowers

until the end………

4 Replies to “THE END”

  1. redbear says:

    Seasons, that’s what a friend of mine likes to call phases of life.


  2. redbear says:

    I like “drunk on wildflowers”. Like in that other poem and “drunk with her nakedness”. I love getting drunk on wildflowers, haha 🙂


  3. schmooley says:

    Really nice. Your poet’s heart shows through! Wonderful read. So many will relate to this.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Peter …. I’m so tired of all my lashing out… this ZONGS of ZAMZARA was for that…. THE END is the last poem of this “book”

      Going to start another “book”

      Hopefully filled with love & light…haha


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