the goddess in me is blissful

despite the anguish and pain

my soul being tortured

because it’s the only way i learn

to realize who i really am

the more i suffer

the more i have compassion for myself

and realize who i am

funny how that works

every time i leave this sorry ass

hole guy

i am enveloped by a aura of heavenly bliss

i experience nirvana when i am alone

realizing that is all there is

the nirvana is me

the samsara is me

the samsara tortures me only to make room

for the bliss that follows

they work together

they are one

i am one

i am you

you are me

this is us

no beginning

no end

this ass hole guy is really crazy wisdom

forcing me to see

the bliss

of being alone

he irritates the shit out of me

my aloneness is blissful

alone bliss

one bliss



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