i had a very weird dream last night….all of a sudden…the earth was turned and churned…i looked out and i could see the acropolis down the street …but there was no street…all was huge upheavals of land and buildings…the earth had rearranged itself into a mass of contortions….mountains, cities, boulders of earth pushed up….nothing was the same…everything changed….in the blink of an eye….an overwhelming sense of disbelief…..chaos……i tried calling my mother to see if she was alive….many had died…..it was like a massive earthquake, unlike any before….the whole earth  quaked…not just a part of it….it was all rearranged…instead of a normal house and street in front of you…there was a huge mountain, and boulders, the earth had changed and rearranged itself…..


My interpretation of this dream :

Sometimes when we have “bad dreams” or nightmares…it can mean or symbolize other than what it appears as….i sometimes have premonition dreams too….this dream happened shortly before i invested in some land ….the land was very remote and surround by mountains…completely different from my present surroundings….i would lay in bed thinking about what it would be like to live there…the rattle snakes, tarantulas, scorpions, bears, cougars, high crime in surrounding cities & state….i also daydream A LOT about living a nomad life, and if i should live out of a van, or get a truck & camper….all these thoughts and visions constantly rolling around my head….so i think this dream was a combination of the possible land ownership in a faraway place (premonition) ….and a deep desire to live a nomadic life….THIS WAS A PREMONITION DREAM ……a few weeks after this dream i was investigating land opportunities, in which i actually started the process of buying a remote 10 acre parcel of land in the high dessert……but after a few sleepless nights worrying about how i would survive living there….and of all the possible things that could happen, and what a hardship it would be to live without what i am accustomed to (toilet, running water, shower, electricity, medical care…..)  I TALKED MYSELF OUT OF IT !

So right now i appreciate more what i have, a comfortable roof over my head, a warm fireplace on cold winter days, always food, water, toilet, shower, and nearby hospital if i get very ill…..at my age, i want to survive comfortably, not struggle harder, and put myself in unpredictable dangers, (more than i have to).   But i know my thinking will change again, as it is winter now, and i’m in the survival hunker down mode…..when i get more energized (springtime) i will think i’m practically invincible, and will figure out how i can be a nomad again…..


























One thought on “DREAM

  1. i think what this dream actually means is that i must do some traveling….my scenery will be changing…and i will be off grid…and amazed at the beauty of my surroundings…leaving the familiar behind….sometimes “bad” or terrifying dreams are actually good signs…not what they seem to be….


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