a lot of the poetry i write is born from the desire to leave my conventional life that i feel trapped by….i actually bought a high top van about a month ago, and i felt so secure knowing that i had a place to live when i decided to escape this rat race…but i traded the van for another vehicle because i forgot that i still have to live here one more year and go through another winter…and i did not want to get up every morning and have to scrape the snow and ice off my van….as it was way too tall to fit inside a garage…..i now regret trading it in….BUT at the end of next year i will be ready again to buy another one…and get it fixed up to live in….so i will pay off my bills in the coming year and save up money….i will be moving out of my apartment in November, and moving to someones house and i won’t have to pay any rent….so i can work one more year…pay off bills and save money…trade the car for a van…get all the necessary things to make it livable & start living in my van….this is my dream life……


Here is just one of zillions of videos out there of people living in their vans & loving it……

The life of a Nomad :


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