listening to you playing piano

is so soothing to my soul

you are so beautiful

you gorgeous man

may the universe

bless you with

all that’s peaceful

blooming with the scent

of rose


the bliss of relaxing

after hard work & stress

is soothing to the soul

a glass of wine

rich with divine

or fresh squeezed orange juice

even left over pizza

even day old coffee drunken

from a styrofoam cup

after going through hell

ordinary phenomena

is nirvana


i love wild horses

i love wild hair

i love wild flowers

in my hair

i love wild sky

windy and cool

i love wild hearts

free and fool

wild is my nature

wild is free

black is my color

deep like the sea

deep is my love

deep is my soul

deep is the sky

above and below

wild and deep

wild and deep

when you get to the edge

take the leap




you like poetry that’s happy and gay

like watching a disney movie

with nothing to say

just be hypnotized by the mice as they play

cinderella stories not life-like decay

poetry that reeks of disaster

rips the mask off of your

pleasant white plaster