endless bliss blue sky

endless bliss stars twinkling

endless bliss blissing


no job togo to

no sound to hear

nothing to worry about


hum hum hum hum

ha ha ha ha

da da da da


nature is freedom

only man pays for his keep

as he rapes nature


the natural state

is mans only escape

from this prison world


how do you get there

as you slave working til death

just disappear ?


wherever you go

you have to hide your freedom

or they will find you


i want to go to

this natural state of freedom

what price do i pay ?







It’s so sweet to dream

I will do this and that thing

My bed will be big


All the gut wrenching

Mind fucks this planet observes

Swimming in honey


What is this evil

Trying to prevent freedom

Always in control


I want to escape

From the land of law and order

This honeytrap life


when i was young

i didn’t know

i didn’t know

where i would go

i never made

any plans

i just trusted

invisible hands

now youth is gone

and looking back

at all the trust

i gave away

i ended up


upside down

all my love


to the ground

the ground is rich

with all my love

and all the diamonds

to be found






all the booze

i don’t care


on myself

in my despair


the memories

of us

so in love

turned to gin

again and again


when i think

of us

my body cries

without your love

my body dies

dead so long

without your love

dead so long

without your love


dead so long

without your love


dead so long

without your love