Zizzy Zong

i drink the nectar of roses

then i smoke a cig

i feel flashes of nirvana

then i cook a pig

 i wanna be celibate

then i suck his cock

this the hard place

between a rock


i work my ass off

to pay my bills

i am not happy

so i  buy more frills

all i ever wanted

was a good man to love

but all i ever got

were boys

looking for

a thrill


they made me laugh

and made me cry

 i’m all dried up now

and ready to





Just Be

my mind is tight now

but if i drink to make it loose…..

it will swirl into a paisley…

so exotic and hazy…

and then i go crazy

and wanna get

outta here

where the


lies cold

and end



on and on i go

juggling life like a magician

keys in the ignition

engaged in activities

like i am sane

picking and choosing

what to play

in this game

afraid to let go

of my control

(this is insane)

stuck in samsara

suffering and karma


it would be so nice

just to help ease your pain

i could give you some comforting

( i am very comfortable)


my dilemma

of my own


this woman

is nature

she heals

on her own

and has

magical powers

i know you

could hone

she desires

to be

with a


that needs

a place to relax






not thinking
of what to say
drinking wine

music so intense
no pretence
the sadness

a cat in heat
calling out
for love

sipping wine
the world is so


i want to escape

from this cage of illusion

of expanding bars


thinking where to go

only makes it more spacious

there’s nowhere to run


so what do you do

when you find yourself longing

to go far away


take a whiff of sandalwood

and bless your skin

with the bliss of bombay